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More about The Zzzen Den

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My name is Erica Nolan, Founder of the Zzzen Den. During my 20 year therapist journey I have been lucky to have worked on board a cruise ship delivering high quality treatments to many international clients while travelling around the Caribbean. I have also lived in the Cayman Islands working in one of the Island's well established salons for almost 5 years. All this experience coupled with the experience of working in various spas and salons in Dublin over the years have given me the skills to deliver a high quality and unforgettable "Zzzen" experience through caring hands. The Zzzen Den offers a range of different massages , facials, back treatments , facial waxing and eyecare. Every aspect of each treatment has been carefully selected from the music down to the aromas to give you the ultimate relaxation experience. 

Back Mud Treatment
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