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Bamboo Stick Massage


"Bamboo stick massage, absolutely AMAZING! Erica is so professional. I find it particularly hard to relax but I literally melted away for the whole time I was there . Body felt loose and refreshed afterwards. Gorgeous, relaxing atmosphere with a lovely herbal tea to finish... can't wait to go back". 

Facial Mask


"Wow just home from an amazing Galvanic and High Frequency Facial with Erica. I feel so Zen and relaxed, my skin feels so soft and glowing. When I visit Erica in the Zzzen den I really feel like I've been in a spa with all the extras.  Thank you Erica. Would highly recommend a visit".

Head Massage


"Absolutely fabulous treatment.  Digital Detox . Enjoyed every second. Gorgeous treatment room pure relaxation. Felt a weight lifting from my body that I didn't even know was there . Exceptional value. Can't wait to book in again". 

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